Mini Newborn

1 hr

Baby only / Swaddled

10 images via online gallery


Standard Newborn

2 - 3 hrs

Baby Swaddled and Posed

Parent Photographs

20 images via online gallery


Full Newborn

3 hrs

Baby Swaddled and Posed

Parent + Sibling Photographs

40+ images via online gallery


Session Details

Newborns are ideally photographed within the first two weeks of birth when they are still very curly and sleepy.  However successful newborn photographs can be taken within the first four weeks if the first fortnight has already passed when you contact me.

Choose which session best matches your family and budget.  

Mini newborn sessions are a short one hour session where your baby is fully swaddled throughout.   It will involve simple posing in a prop or on the studio bed.  Choose the colours and I will photograph your baby awake or asleep.

Standard newborn sessions include both swaddled and posed photographs and also parent photographs.  Your gallery will include a mixture of poses in props such as crates, buckets and baskets as well as the sleepy photographs taken on the bean bag.  Sessions last for two - three hours.

A Full newborn session is for those who want to really capture your newborn from all angles with a larger variety of posed photographs and also more parent/family photographs.  Siblings can be a part of this session and your gallery will focus on some individual photographs of your big kids as well.  Allow for a three hour session when booking this package.


Each session is run with your baby's preferences in mind.  By this I mean that while I will aim for a certain pose but if your baby indicates they are not a big fan I will move onto something else that they do like!

I have over seven years experience with newborn photography and your baby's safety is paramount at all times.

A newborn preparation guide is available and can be emailed out if you would like more information on what to expect and how to prepare for your baby's first photographs.

Your session fee includes the high resolution digital images stipulated above in each package and either provided via an online gallery - usually two weeks after your session has been photographed. 


Photographs are chosen and edited by Melanie J Photography.