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Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Clarke was 7 days old when he visited the studio but it is more often that I see families at some stage during the second week after their baby is born. But I had forgotten how super sleepy the very young babies can be so Clarke was an absolute treat as he would feed himself to the "Christmas Turkey Dinner" point and then pass straight back out to sleep again.

I really love to start newborn sessions with baby swaddled up. The babies seem to adore it as well and they settle down into a lovely deep sleep. The first layer is a cosy wrap that keeps their legs and arms tucked into their body nice and snug and then I wrap around a top layer which I can colour coordinate with with the different set ups.

First up is a blue bucket and crate set. While Clarke was wrapped up I can photograph a few macro (or extreme close up) photographs of all his beautiful details like lips, eyelashes and that perfect baby profile he has.

Newborn Prop Bucket Pose
Swaddled up snug, baby in a bucket.

Then off came that top wrap and I tucked him into one of my favourite props - a tiny little wooden bed. You would be surprised at its size - but almost every baby can be placed in it with the right support and comfortable layers in place.

Clarke is still fast asleep in dream land....

Newborn Prop Poses
Clarke in my favourite tiny wooden bed prop

Onto the bean bag poses now. Clarke is still nice and secure in his cosy swaddle but he is now relaxed enough to show his curled up legs. I love how young newborns bring their legs up into this position - just as they were in the womb.

Melanie J Photography Auckland Newborn Photography
Newborn simply swaddled

After a quick feed he is still happy to carry on with a few more poses. I love his little side wink, maybe he was just checking if I was still photographing him?

He's such a beautiful wee boy!

Clarke was so sleepy that apart from the wee wink I didn't see him awake! Maybe next time I see you Clarke. You were a perfect honey to photograph - thank you for coming in to my studio :-)